It is a good idea to test your seed before you begin using your wallet. This way, you know that your backup will restore access to your wallets before sending any coins over.

Step 1

Open the software that goes with your wallet. Look at the receiving address for one of your coins. Write down this address.

You can have multiple addresses for some coins and these can change after a transaction. Do note that you will sometimes need to check multiple addresses.

Step 2

Reset the hardware wallet. For the Ledger, you can do this from the device's settings or by entering the wrong PIN three times in a row. For the Trezor, you can reset the device from the Trezor wallet page. The KeepKey can be reset from the KeepKey software, and the same goes for the Digital Bitbox.

After resetting your device, select that you wish to recover an account during the installation of the device. Now enter your seed according to the instructions.

For the Digital Bitbox, recovery is done through the recovery seed on the micro SD card. For recovery, first, create a wallet on the device and then find the option to recover a wallet from your backup in the options of the device software.

Step 3

Now you can check the same coin for which you wrote down the address in step one. If the addresses match, you know that your seed is valid and will restore access to your funds. If they do not match, we would recommend generating a new seed before you start to use your wallet.
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