Since update 1.4.2, the input of your PIN on the Ledger Nano S is different. The numbers now appear randomly and confirming your PIN is also different. This requires extra attention to ensure that you do not enter the wrong PIN.

How to enter my PIN?

You need to enter at least 4 and at maximum 8 numbers for your PIN. If your PIN is 4 digits long, you will fill in these 4 numbers like before. What is different since 1.4.2 is that the check mark to confirm your PIN will not appear automatically. To confirm your PIN, press one of the two buttons until you see the confirmation check mark. When the check mark is selected, press both buttons.


Your PIN has 4 digits. Fill in these four numbers. The Ledger will now jump to the 5th number. Press the right button until you see the confirmation checkmark. Now press both buttons to confirm your PIN.
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